Fall in love with food...

Has your doctor recently diagnosed you with pre-diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol? Does food intolerance make it hard to know what you can eat? Maybe you just want to take control of your eating and your food habits but you just don’t know HOW TO?

I’m guessing you have tried all kinds of different fad diets and superfoods but nothing lives up to the hype or even worked so you are back to square one, screaming in frustration…

I get it, I’ve been there myself. Nutrition information can be confusing when you don’t know which sources to trust. I can tell you that food literacy is the key to your success. It’s a combination of food knowledge (about what to eat for your health and how to prepare it) and action; which means understanding and practicing how to put what you learn into your life.

My name is Marta Durán, I’m a nutritionist and food educator. I empower women to take control over their eating habits through cooking and active learning. No more strange diets or counting calories.

Let me guide you through this complex food system. HOW? I will show you how to read labels and nutrition facts, how to choose seasonal products, how to prepare and cook what you buy and how to enjoy your food again. My food literacy programs promote healthy patterns, good food choices, full autonomy and a sustainable Mediterranean way of eating.

Make healthy eating your priority today and learn how to fall in love with food again. Take the next step by booking your appointment to discuss your food literacy personal plan.

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